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The philosophy behind Kids Invent! Learning is based on extensive interviews with the world’s greatest inventors – the inventors inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the US. These inventors related the process they used to learn and make discoveries, which turns out to closely mimic what the world’s experts in learning technology recommend for teaching.

Kids Invent! Focuses on instilling authentic understanding gained through constructivist activities. As recommended by leading pedagogic experts everywhere, Kids Invent! Has students work in small teams to design, build, test, improve, and document creative projects that fulfill specific requirements. They construct their understanding as they fast prototype their inventions. Each child learns in his or her preferred learning style because the learning activities are student focused, not teacher driven.

One attribute of this approach, noted both by the great inventors and by world renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is that it creates responsible learners who are eager to make their project succeed. Student teams enter into a FLOW mental/emotional state in which the reward for doing a good job is purely intrinsic. That is, they neither seek or need external rewards to work hard. Alfie Kohn has written extensively about this approach and leading educators strongly advocate it.

Howard Gardner strongly recommends that the best way for students to learn is solving challenging problems in small teams. Peter Senge tells us that schools are most effective in an atmosphere of learning – rather than in one of top-down teaching. Sir Ken Robinson tells us that kids are loosing their creativity and their desire to learn while they are in school. The list of experts who recommend what Kids Invent does is long and distinguished. In fact, there are no credible experts who disagree with the pedagogic style embedded in Kids Invent!

The Kids Invent! Pedagogy provides learning in the context of 21st century skills development. Students learn core subject content through their creative work in small teams. They apply critical thinking in their analysis and in reporting their projects. They build self-confidence in using tools and materials and in working with their peers. They take responsibility for their learning and become life-long learners.

Kids Invent! Provides a holistic and organic or natural way to learn. It is how Thomas Edison learned. It is how corporations today learn and develop new products and services. It is how kids learn best. And, kids love the experience and are eager to engage in more stimulating projects.

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